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In the heart of East London, Eastern Cape, TC Model Management was born. Established with a vision to redefine the standards of elegance and style, our journey began amidst the vibrant culture of South Africa. From the lively streets of East London, we’ve grown into a powerhouse, now extending our influence to the bustling city of Johannesburg.

Our roots in East London echo the diversity and creativity that inspire us. Surrounded by the beauty of South Africa, we’ve nurtured talent, embraced uniqueness, and celebrated the fusion of tradition and modernity.

Owner & Director of TC Model Management

Chantal Pillay - Owner & Director

Chantal Pillay, the visionary owner and director of TC Model Management & Promotions, is a trailblazer in the modeling industry. Chantal Pillay’s expertise goes beyond the modeling realm. 

Her commitment to empowering individuals is evident in the success stories within TC Model Management’s portfolio, where aspiring models transition into coaches, establish fashion lines, and achieve notable success. Chantal’s proactive approach to community enrichment is highlighted by events like the TC Model Management MET Gala, where proceeds go to charities close to their hearts. 

Stay tuned to witness Chantal Pillay’s journey of empowerment unfold, as she continues to make a meaningful impact in the modeling industry and beyond.

Dream Team

Head Female Runway Coach

Lenise Stevens - Head Female Runway Coach

Lenise Stevens, our Head Female Runway Coach, has graced our agency and school with her presence for nearly three years. Beyond her coaching prowess, Lenise is an accomplished sportswoman, showcasing her excellence in Hockey and athletics. Her accolades include winning the Best Routine Sequence and securing a spot as a finalist in the prestigious Miss Teen SA International competition in December 2021. Lenise is a cherished favorite among our client base, radiating vibrance, brilliance, and an unparalleled work ethic that enriches our team. 

Head Male Runway Coach

Our Head Male Runway Coach, Russel Matthews, is a formidable Shotukan Karatè 1st Dan Black Belt and a double Gold ISKF Medalist in Karatè. A contender for the 2024 ISKF World Karatè Championship, Russel is not only a martial arts expert but also a proud SA National Jazz Drummer from 2022. His bio speaks of a goal-driven and resilient individual, driven by a singular vision—to achieve the unachievable! Adding to his diverse talents, Russel has recently ventured into the fashion world with the launch of his clothing label, The Venom Tribe.

Social Media: @Venom20888  

Russel Matthews - Head Male Runway Coach

Toddler/Junior Coach

Renesha Botha - Junior Coach

Renesha Botha, our Toddler/Junior Coach, is a remarkable talent in more ways than one. Beyond coaching, she is an exceptionally skilled Pianist and an aspiring actress. Renesha infuses our Coaching team with a sweet and patient disposition, creating a nurturing environment for our youngest talents. Her professionalism in handling her charges is unparalleled, making her an invaluable asset to the team. We consider ourselves privileged to have Renesha Botha contributing her multifaceted expertise to our coaching staff.

Second Male Runway Coach

Achuma Ntloko, our Second Male Runway Coach, embodies a spirit of substance and determination. His unwavering commitment to success sets the tone for his charges, as he persistently demands excellence from his students, mirroring the high standards he sets for himself. Recently featured in an international billboard campaign, Achuma’s achievements speak volumes. His outstanding contributions will soon see him elevate to the esteemed position of Head Male Runway Coach in one of our upcoming branches.

Achuma Ntloko - Second Male Runway Coach

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